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A little about myself


Hello, my name is Skyla

I am a nanny/babysitter and have been since I was 12 years and I am now 25 years young. 

The first family I cared for,  other than my own siblings and cousins, was my sister’s friend from kindy. Her mum worked from home as a hair dresser, having a 4 year old and 2 year old  she asked me to help her out by entertaining the kids while she worked in her office. I would mostly play games with the kids as well as feeding and bathing them before their mother finished work. This progressed to her going to get a few things from the shops to me looking after the children while she went on dates and outings. The word has since spread and over the past 12 years I have looked after over 150 families mostly by word of mouth and I have not had another job since, apart from in a Creche for a few months.

I have adored kids from a very young age, I have 5 younger siblings the youngest being 5 years old. I have looked after new born babies up until school age children. Caring for children with allergies, disabilities such as autism, separation anxiety, sleep issues, specific dietary requirements, high needs children, large families and multiple families at one time. I have a large amount of experience from many different types of families. 

I have a strong love for less fortunate children and am usually saving my money to go on overseas trips and interact with them. I have been on a world challenge trip to Tanzania, Africa in 2014. I volunteered to re-develop schools by building, painting and getting involved in sports and academic lessons. I learnt different culture aspects from cooking, language and simple every day living, I assisted children in the public by providing food and clothing to them and of course having fun with these children and watching their faces light up as we play and interact with them. I also went to Kenya in 2019 and helped in babies homes, orphanages and schools located in the slum areas of Kenya. 

In my own time I love to travel, even on small camping trips with my partner and dogs, I love shopping, going on long walks, going to the beach, cuddling up on the couch with my two dogs, spending time in nature, drawing/art and of course I spend my own time caring for and spending time with my family and younger siblings. I am a very conscious minded person who also enjoys sound healing, yoga, looking after our beautiful planet, consuming lots of whole foods and anything a little spiritual. 

My qualifications and past experience:

*Cert II in community services with child care focus

*Completion of year 12 

*Police check

*WWC check

*First aid 

*Drivers license, reliable car with child car seats 

*Work experience as a teachers assistance 

*Volunteer work with children of all ages 

* Running fun days in school holidays 

* Organising toddler programmes/share care nannying with many children

I am a responsible, reliable, trustworthy, mature, fun, open minded and nurturing person who will always care for and love your children.


My Business

I do anything and everything related to caring for children. From coming to your home and caring for your kids, a creative program, caring for many families at once, children’s events, shared care nannying, on-going care and basically negotiating what works best for each individual family. 

"I tried to put my daughter in daycare when she was about 13 months. And it was just a disaster. Then someone told me about Skyla and how gifted she is when it comes to babies and kids. But still, when we met Skyla for the first time, I wasn't 100% sure that she was the right choice for me or my daughter. Well, I still remember the moment when my daughter waved me goodbye! Just like she knew Skyla for ages! I was amazed! Skyla has been the perfect nanny for us, exactly what we were looking for. A conscious, reliable, fun person. But most importantly a person my daughter deeply trust. Thank you Skyla!"

- Francesca Mannino

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