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Little Pals

On- Going shared care 


Little Pals is a shared care nanny arrangement that allows your child to be cared for in a home environment.

They will receive dedicated and loving care with plenty of attention, one on one time and form positive relationships/friendships. All in a very safe space. During our time together we will mostly play as toddlers do!

Water play,  Music & movement, Story telling, Sensory play, Art and creativity, Building, Imaginary play, Age appropriate games and what ever we may all come up with as a group.

A perfect way for your child to interact with others while having a heap of fun.

Little pals register/waitlist

Please be aware I am fully booked with ongoing care, unless people pull out of care, spots are full. Things always change though so you never know. I also offer casual care.

Thank you!

Creative Spirits Waitlist
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