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Creative Spirits

Connection ~ Art ~ Movement

This is a drop and leave term based after school program. 

Ages 8-14 years.

An ongoing program where children are invited to release their creative spirit through Art, Movement, Connection and Expression.

This space has been created for your child to feel nurtured, heard and seen while having fun, connecting to ones self and others, feeling comfortable and of course unleashing their creative side. 

An example of how the afternoon will go:

When entering this safe space, children will complete a mindfulness practice such as expressing gratitude.

After welcoming everyone we will interact and chat about our day and what we will work on in the session.

Following this connection to our group we will commence activities such as creating art (mostly) and/or some mindfulness & moving our bodies. 

Children will be picked up feeling like their cup is full. 


What does connection mean to creative spirits?

Connection is connecting to yourself and others, it is when you become in touch with the worthiness and wholeness of your surroundings. Some things we will practice include forming strong relationships, story telling, releasing through sound, journaling and so much more. 

What does art mean to creative spirits?

This is what creative spirits is all about! We will create things from DIY journals, Crystal boxes, Mandala drawings and more which will be decided with the group. 


What does movement mean to creative spirits? 

Movement is so much fun. We often forget to move our bodies in order to ‘let it out’ 

The movement aspect will include dance, yoga, stretching, releasing energy and of course plenty of giggles. 


I would feel honoured to welcome your child to be apart of our creative community

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Please note: Emails could get sent to your junk file or have also been known to get lost! If you have not heard back from me please text me on: 0432 853 733

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