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Wise Youngsters

On-going, Educational shared care 


One day each week for your child to learn from the heart. 

Promoting gentle communication and freely expressing feelings, ideas and emotions. 

A shared care Nanny arrangement with planned educational topics. This day is to get your child ready for school/homeschooling. A perfect way to practice interacting with other children and form positive friendships.
Ages 3.5+

Wise Youngsters is a shared care nanny arrangement that allows your child to be cared for in a home environment.  They will receive dedicated and loving care with plenty of attention, one on one time and form positive relationships/friendships. I organise topics to base our learning around. During our time we will learn things like tracing, writing, drawing, talking to others, recognising shapes and other objects, dancing and so much more important things in a child’s upbringing to get them ready for school. Mostly our day is revolved around play. Nothing is forced and all activities are at the childs interest.

Up to 5 children



Please be aware days and times above are subject to change 



Sorrento are


0432 853 733


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