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Be Grateful

Today just appreciate, get your kids to be grateful for what they have.

At home we all fuss, worry, become overwhelmed and stress about so many things that we find reasonable to feel this way about. While I was in Kenya I did not hear one child or even adult complain about anything, not a cup being the wrong colour or a male child having pink shoes because that’s all his family can afford.

Our life compared to theirs.... it’s just crazy, it really is. So today when you drink your smoothie and eat your toast just think how lucky you are to have such healthy foods and not have to go without.

when you tuck your babies in bed how lucky you are to be able to have beds, when it rains how lucky you are to have a house that has shelter and you dont have to sit or even lay in that mud, when you get dressed and actualy have a choice of clean clothes, when you can drink as much water as you like without having to worry about your water supply running out and that shower and bath we are so lucky to have. These kids don’t even have one single worry about not having any of those, the only thing they will worry about is not having food if it has been more than 3 days...

A lot of the children I spent my time with were abandoned as young as a day old. I mean proper abandoned like left on train tracks, left in a market and stories like their mum asked a stranger to hold their baby while they do something and they never return, this is seriously what happens over here. I even held the baby that the mum left with a stranger who is now in a home for abandoned children.

We are all so blessed to live the way we do and so many take it for granted. No one should have to live like these people. I am heading home now, as hard as it was to leave, I can’t wait to see all my family and all you kiddos at home. I hope to be back one day.

Kenya. 2nd July 2019.

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